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Exam challenges for IELTS students

Exam challenges for IELTS students

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IELTS is an international english proficiency test that evaluates candidates’ english proficiency. This exam evaluates how well candidates can speak, read, write, and listen to english. The IELTS exam is conducted in four sections, and each section evaluates candidates’ particular abilities. Most students who want to go abroad appear in the IELTS test to check their english proficiency. To ace the IELTS exam candidates follow various strategies. Such as joining a coaching center, attending online classes, following expert guidance, and learning various tactics from the internet. 

However, during the IELTS exam candidates have to face numerous difficulties that impact on candidates performance. Even a well-prepared candidate fails to perform well in the IELTS exam and gets a lower band score. In this article, we will shed light on some of the difficulties that candidates have to face during the IELTS exam. So, they can prepare well for the exam in advance. Well, if you are looking for the best Best IELTS institute in Chandigarh that provides candidates with top-notch coaching and helps them to pass the IELTS exam. Then, join the IBT Institute. This coaching platform has expert faculty members who will provide you the excellent training so, you will get a high band score in the IELTS exam. 

Have a look at the difficulties candidates have to face in the IELTS exam preparations: 

IELTS listening sample tests 

Solving the IELTS sample tests pertinent to the IELTS listening section is going to work as the best guide for you to know what exactly you have to do in the section. You will come across four recordings based on real-life or day-to-day and educational or training contexts. The Internet will get you access to an ample number of samples of recordings that you can listen to for free. 

Listening to IELTS recordings is a must for you before you take the real exam as this will get you an idea about how things are going to happen. 

Practice listening to the interviews

Practice listening to real-life conversations of people especially during the interviews as this will get you a proper understanding of the pronunciation of the words in the English language. The Internet, again a perfect our, will get you access to a huge number of interview videos of celebrities that you can listen to and boost your listening skills in the language. Some of the best interview shows that you can watch:

  • The Ellen Show 
  • The Little Big Shots
  • Rezendvous with Simi Grewal

Watching these shows along with subtitles is going to boost your understanding of the pronunciation of the words. Thus, make sure to turn on the subtitles when you are watching these shows. 

A calm mindset 

When you are listening to English, you often feel nervous and sometimes, the low tone of the person speaking to you makes you ask him to repeat the words over and over again. Make sure that you practice keeping your mindset calm when you are listening to the English language. With regular practice of listening to English, you will be able to develop a mindset accustomed to listening to the English language. 

Along with that, ensure that you are also keeping yourself healthy and avoiding overthinking. 

Presence of mind 

A sharp presence of mind is needed to understand everything that is being spoken to you, otherwise, you will miss the words spoken to you as the recordings that will be played to you cannot be played again and this is what makes the IELTS listening section tough. Therefore, develop a sharp presence of mind by listening to English for 15 minutes daily. You will also need excellent English skills to ace the IELTS speaking section. 

Time management in the reading section:

During the IELTS reading section, candidates have to read 3 completely different passages and answer 40 different types of questions. They have do to all these things in just one hour. However, most of the candidates struggle to manage their time during the IELTS reading module. Most of the time answer is paraphrased, thus candidates waste spend their most of time finding these kinds of answers. Therefore, they run out of time and fail to solve all the questions in the allocated time. 

Nervousness during the speaking section:

When it comes to the IELTS speaking section nervousness is common among the candidates. Due to the nervousness and anxiety candidates fail to perform their best in the speaking section and end up getting lower band scores. There are various reasons that lead to nervousness during the speaking section. Such as poor english speaking skills, hesitating to speak in front of others, and fear of being judged by others. Therefore, they make numerous blunders during the speaking test and fail to achieve their desired band score. 

Fail to understand the accent and pronunciation:

Another problem candidates face during the IELTS listening section is failure to understand the recording. During the listening section, different audio recordings with different accents play. Most of the candidates fail to catch the answer because they are unfamiliar with the accent and struggle to understand the language.  Apart from this, the other problem candidates face in the listening section is failing to understand the word, candidates who have poor pronunciation mostly encounter this problem. 

Vocabulary limitation:

To ace the IELTS exam candidates must have a strong vocabulary. Using advanced vocabulary enhanced your performance in the speaking, listening, and reading sections. However, most of the candidates do not focus on learning vocabulary during the preparation. Therefore, they use poor vocabulary during the exam. It also prevents candidates from getting their desired band score in the IELTS exam. 

Find relevant ideas:

The other problem candidates face during the IELTS exam is finding a relevant idea for the writing task. During the IELTS writing section, candidates have to write two essays. While writing an essay candidates have to fulfill the examiner’s demand and write a relevant point in the essay. But most of the time candidates go off track as they do have not any idea about the topic. 

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Wrapping up:

To wrap it up, during the IELTS exam candidates have to face the above-mentioned difficulties. So, when the candidate appears in the IELTS exam they have to mentally prepare to face all these difficulties. So, they can give their best.