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Natural Lips: No Trout Pout

Natural Lips: No Trout Pout

Di Roincosate

In recent years, celebrity endorsements and the influence of social media platforms like Instagram have propelled the popularity of lip fillers. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported in 2021 that lip augmentations had grown by over 60% since 2000, indicating a significant trend in cosmetic enhancements. This surge in popularity stems from celebrities’ exposure and social media’s impact, where individuals showcase their enhanced lips, inspiring others to seek similar treatments. The ease of accessing information and the growing acceptance of cosmetic procedures have contributed to this widespread phenomenon, making lip fillers a prevalent choice for individuals seeking facial aesthetic enhancements lip augmentations had grown by more than 60% (Dr. Land, 2021). ​

Aesthetic medicine has undergone several alterations as a result of this rise in popularity. People’s goals for their lip fillers process are becoming more diverse as a result of rising demand; the list is infinite. Some want their lips to seem natural, while others want them to be fuller, poutier, more projective, or in a variety of ratios. Medical aesthetics has had to step up its game in response to this shift in demand. New filler solutions in the market enable customized lip filler augmentations for desired results. Old procedures are being updated and merged, and new techniques have been devised to meet current demands.

Natural Filler:

Everyone has seen someone with outlandish lips, trout pouts, or cheeks that appear out of place on the face. Our clinic’s guiding principle is to help patients seem as natural as possible. Instead of dominating the face, we want our treatments to balance and accentuate the facial characteristics. The untrained eye should have a very difficult time identifying fillers and other facial cosmetic treatments that have been tastefully and professionally applied utilising a variety of current procedures and a full-face evaluation approach. Fillers that are poorly done stand out like a sore thumb.

Filler Reset:

Here are some of the theories as to why this switch to “filler reset” has occurred:

Zoom and other video platforms have grown quite popular and standard (ER, 2020), forcing organisations to alter their social distancing procedures. With that, it goes without saying that individuals spend a sizable amount of their days examining, and occasionally scrutinising, their own facial characteristics. Many patients who visit the clinic have described their increased self-awareness as the impetus for their desire to make changes, frequently returning to a more natural appearance.

Since salons and spas closed due to lockdown, patients couldn’t get regular beauty treatments. Many individuals embraced their natural beauty, temporarily ditching cosmetics and styling aids, and adjusting to this appearance.

Dissolving Filler:

The trend change has impacted aesthetic medicine, leading to a rise in appointments to remove poorly done fillers or unsatisfactory outcomes. People are eager to start anew with a fresh goal. Limited socializing during this transition period and the inability to replace filler immediately after dissolution make individuals more comfortable with the process.

Face masks have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for many, allowing wearers to conceal when out in public until their faces recovered and settled. For fear of having to expose their fears, many individuals have put off this dissolving process, yet everything may now be hidden. People are now more willing to appreciate their inherent beauty because to masks.

Risks do exist with the “filler reset” process itself in Lip Fillers Dubai Price. Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down filler, is a drug that needs to be prescribed and should only be administered by a doctor. Before agreeing to any operation, we’d highly advise completing your research on the doctor and making sure they have the necessary medical training and insurance. A skilled staff, like the one at Novellus, will constantly work to attain the desired look for their patients, but they also have the discernment to know when to stop in order to avoid an obvious and artificial appearance. “Everyone will notice, no one else will know” is our catchphrase and core tenet.

Lip Fillers: Lip Augmentation vs Lip Rejuvenation:

Several branches within the augmentation side exist because every patient has a unique goal in mind. Some people seek a slight enhancement since their lips are smaller than they’d like. The majority of younger patients already have excellent lip form, definition, and ratio, making this one of the easiest augmentations. Expert injectors can satisfy the precise needs of others, including correcting asymmetries, changing the top-to-bottom lip ratio, gently altering the contour, and correcting under and overbites by changing the degree of projection. Some people have learned about certain methods and appearances via friends, social media, or their own investigation.

Here are just a handful of the patterns that we have noticed in recent years.

Botox lip flip

The Botox Abu Dhabi lip flip selectively weakens the muscle that compresses your lips, allowing them to roll out a bit and expose more of the red lip. With the right placement of filler, the same result may be obtained.

Cherry lips

Cherry lips, or rose bud lips, are popular in the far east and the style is spreading to Europe and the UK. They target the very core portion of the lips for enlargement.

Russian lips

At novellus, we don’t like the overly exaggerated form and size that newer approaches, like the Russian Lip technique, produce.

Sausage lips

Unfortunately, some doctors and patients still appear to be into the exaggerated “sausage lip.”

Rejuvenating the mouth area

Images of young ladies with obscenely full lips on social media occasionally turn off our older patients who typically seek something completely different. They come to us asking for help with their “smokers’ lines,” to moisturise their lips a little more, and to soften the downturned corners of their mouths that give them a “sad” appearance. The assessment of the entire face and perioral region rather than simply “the lips” can make all the difference in this situation.


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